Imperial College London Scholarship 2020-2021

President’s Scholarship at Imperial College of London is now open for all international students to study for free in the UK. Are you a top performing undergraduate as well as Master’s student and you are looking forward to pursuing a Ph.D. programme at a world-class research institution?  You might be the lucky one as you can be a beneficiary of full tuition fees as well as a substantial payment for your Ph.D. studies at Imperial College London.

Benefits of Imperial College London Scholarship

All the shortlisted Scholarship candidates will be entitled to the following financial benefit for a period of up to 3.5 years:

  • A stipend of £21,200 on a yearly basis which will cater for living costs
  • A programme of bespoke opportunities and events issued by the Graduate School
  • Full tuition fees funding
  • Consumable cash of £2,000 on a yearly basis which lasts for a period of three first years of studies.

Who can apply for Imperial College London Scholarship?

  • All applications are highly encouraged especially the talented candidates from the UK, Imperial College London as well as other candidates from across the world. Note that the college does not prohibit the application from any nationality.
  • All overseas applications are acceptable as long as you are able to determine if your scores, as well as grades, are equivalent to the relevant eligibility criteria
  • All candidates must be the top performers from their various undergraduate courses as well as in receipt of as well as those who are yet to acquire their first class UK degree as well as equivalent.
  • Note that all candidates with standalone Master’s qualifications can only be accepted if they attained a distinction or if they are in the process of achieving this. They must as well accompany this with documents that support their high performance which is likely to earn them a distinction.  These candidates must be first class UK undergraduate degree holders as well as equivalent (integrated Masters that makes an undergraduate degree such as M.Math, MEng as well as MSci which are appraised by Admissions as an undergraduate qualification when investigating eligibility). Also, note that all candidates with a number of standalone Master’s qualifications must have attained distinction in one of the areas that they are going to specialize in during their Ph.D. studies.

Get an acceptance letter from a professor to study at Imperial College of London

Before applying for Imperial College London scholarship, the candidates must have consulted and contacted a supervisor in an academic department at the Imperial College London, and the supervisor must have agreed to assess them during their research project.  Keep in mind that a supervisor must only supervise one candidate at a time. To learn more about this, find us on; President’s Ph.D. Scholarships – Unavailable Supervisors. It is equally crucial to note that if you are already a registered Imperial Ph.D. student, you should not apply for the President’s Ph.D. Scholarship because you shall not be considered for the same. This is because this is application is only open for new members.

How to apply for the Imperial College of London Scholarship?

It is worth mentioning that there is no particular scholarship application form as all candidates are expected to submit their unique application to be considered for admission at the Imperial. This should be done at; online admissions system where the various departments shortlist the lucky candidates after looking into their academic performance.

  • In case you are asked for a personal statement, the length should not be more than 2 pages as the maximum number of words expected is 1000. The statement should be our latest upon submission of your application.
  • The option mentioned above must be selected when applying for the President’s Ph.D. Scholarship in order to be considered.
  • Keep in mind that all the additional application requirementsmust be fulfilled as stated by the department of your choice.

Imperial College London Scholarship Deadlines

It is worth mentioning that the applications for the scholarship scheme will be open throughout the academic year.

  • If you apply before 9th November 2019and you are selected, you shall be notified before 31st January 2020.
  • If you apply prior to 18th January 2020and you are shortlisted for the scholarship, you shall be notified before 30th March 2020.

If you apply prior to 22nd March 2020 and you are shortlisted for the Scholarship, you shall be notified by 31st May 2020


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