13 Cheap Universities in France for International Students

Are you interested in studying in attending a cheap French university? France has a strong history as a provider of education and intellectual curiosity, dating back to a medieval tradition through its days as a brewing grounds of the Enlightenment in Parisian cafes. Higher education in France primarily takes place in publicly funded universities or the specialized schools for technical skills, known as ecoles.

Modern France remains one of the best places to obtain a college or university education. Additionally, studying in France as an international student is a wise decision, since tuition and fees are much cheaper than schools in the US or Canada. In fact, tuition is completely covered at many schools and students only have to pay for registration fees and other living and educational expenses. So, this is the reason why French universities are so attractive to international students.

Tuition Fees in Cheap Universities in France

Below is the list of all the tuition fees for international students. I have also included a link to the source that I got the information from. Why? So that you can check the information for yourself! It is important that you always double check the information on the university website. Also, tuition fees are different based on the degree and the program that you are pursuing. Because I can’t include tuition fees for different majors, you are seeing the average tuition fees in the list below.

Links and Descriptions of Affordable Universities in France

University of Caen Normandy

  • University of Caen Normandy Tuition
  • This school is a public university in Caen, France, with roots dating back as far back as the 15th century. The modern University of Caen Normandy remains a top institution with a variety of academic programs serving over 26,000 students. Intensive French language classes are available for international students at a cheap fee. The tuition fees above is for language school, and if you are pursuing a degree, you can expect the tuition fee to be significantly lower (200-800 euros).


University of Orleans

  • University of Orleans Tuition
  • Another medieval university is the University of Orleans, which has historical ties dating all the way back to 1306 as an academic stronghold in Orleans, France. Famous historical figures and scientists such as John Calvin and Pierre de Fermat are counted among the school’s alumni. This university is a leading member of the Leonardo da Vinci association of schools with several different courses of study offered.


University of Strasbourg

  • University of Strasbourg Tuition
  • The University of Strasbourg is the second largest school in France with over 46,000 students. Situated in the Alsace region of France, Strasbourg has a university town feel and provides a great value for those looking to expand their educational horizon. The university also has a storied academic tradition, having 19 Nobel Laureates as alumni or other university connections. Tuition is the same for national citizens and international students, which makes it affordable!


University of Angers

  • University of Angers Tuition
  • More than 22,000 students have chosen to study at this University of Angers. It a public university with a beautiful campus that incorporates several points of interest, including a botanical garden.

Nantes University

  • Nantes University Tuition
  • The University of Nantes is a top French University located in the city of the same name. Nearly 35,000 students attend the school across its sprawling campuses, including two satellites. The University has been named as one of the top 500 international universities in recent years as well, making it an attractive option for international students. Exchange students are exempted from enrollment fees.


University of Paris-Sud 

  • University of Paris-Sud Tuition
  • Also known as the University of Paris-Saclay, the University of Paris-Sud is a great and cheap university in the southern suburbs of Paris. Famous alumni include Nobel Prize Laureates and Fields Medalist winners, but this university offers all students a tremendous value.


University of Burgundy

  • University of Burgundy Tuition
  • The University of Burgundy is a large French university in Dijon. There are a number of different disciplines to study, but note that some English speaking postgraduate programs such as the International Master in Business Studies will also incur small additional fees and costs.


Paris School of Business

  • Paris School of Business Tuition
  • Formerly known as ESG MS, the Paris School of Business is another French ecole, and one of Europe’s most distinguished schools for studying business. Undergraduate and graduate programs are available to students at this school.


Sciences Po

  • Sciences Po Tuition
  • While slightly more expensive than many other universities, the cost to attend the Paris Institute of Political Studies, or Sciences Po, is still a great bargain compared to other colleges and universities worldwide. Sciences Po is a competitive school but international students will gain valuable experience overseas.


Ecole Polytechnique

  • Ecole Polytechnique Tuition
  • One of France’s premiere academic institutions is the publicly funded Ecole Polytechnique. Renowned for its scientific and engineering research and faculty, Exile Polytechnique is also one of the most selective universities in France. Including postgraduate and doctoral students, there are only around 3000 total students, making it a difficult but rewarding opportunity to study here.


Ecole Centrale de Lyon

  • Ecole Centrale de Lyon Tuition
  • Engineering students can choose to obtain a great value and education by choosing to study in Lyon at the Ecole Centrale. Primarily for postgraduate students and doctoral students, this school is one of France’s top research institutions for the sciences, and certainly one of the cheapest.


Ecole Normale Superieure

  • Ecole Normale Superieure Tuition
  • One of the most selective grandes ecoles is Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), centered by its main urban campus in Paris. This school is relatively small for a French college, with only 2,400 students in attendance. ENS has a number famous alumni tracing their success in fields such as mathematics, philosophy, and science.


Centrale Supelec

  • Centrale Supelec Tuition
  • Another affordable public university situated in the heart of Paris is Centrale Supelec. This school offers strong academics, such as a competitive engineering program, at an affordable cost. In 2015, the school was formed from a merger between Ecole Centrale Paris and Supelec, and a founding member of the University of Paris-Saclay.

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