7 Affordable EU Countries to Study a Master’s Abroad in 2019

Getting a higher education abroad is a great accomplishment and a life-changing experience, but most times it also involves high costs. What if you could erase the ‘high costs’ factor, though? You will find the ideal destination abroad, where you can pursue your Master’s degree in Europe and benefit from low tuition and overall low living costs.

If you are a prospective Bachelor’s student, you should also check some of cheapest countries to study abroad abroad in the EU.

Now back to the most affordable places where you can get your Master’s degree:

1. Italy – attend some of the oldest universities in Europe

Italy is an affordable country to live and visit, especially considering it counts on an abundance of touristic attractions. It comes as no surprise that this country is drawing thousands of international students and tourists each year, then.

Home to the oldest university in Europe, students in Italy can enrol in numerous interesting Master’s degrees and benefit from accessible tuition fees and low living costs.

  • Average tuition fees in Italy: 850 to 1,000 EUR/year (at public universities)
  • Overall living costs in big cities: 700 to 1,100 EUR/month
  • Overall living costs in student cities (Pisa, Padua, Turin): 600 – 950 EUR/month

Costs include accommodation, food, public transportation, local travel, and/or entertainment.

2. Spain – make friends and enjoy the sun at a low cost

Spain is an appealing country for international students, due to its Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, affordable prices, and, not to mention, the opportunity of learning or brushing up on Spanish language skills.

With over seventy universities to choose from, you are likely to find a suitable Master’s degree in Spain.

  • Average tuition fees in Spain: 1.000 EUR/year (at public universities, for international students)
  • Overall living costs: 600 – 1.000 EUR/month

This can include all your monthly expenses, like food bills, social activities, and transportation. In some Spanish cities, with this sum, you can also cover the accommodation costs.

3. Germany – quality education for everyone

Germany is one of the top study destinations in Europe, as German universities are well-known for the world-class education and cutting-edge research opportunities, offered as part of a Master’s programme.

In Germany, you can find around 300 universities (out of which 10 are ranked in the top leading universities worldwide), with over 900 international Master’s degrees to choose from.

Although in some German cities the cost of living may be higher compared to other cities in Europe in terms of tuition fees, Germany is a very affordable country.

  • Average tuition fees in Germany: 0 EUR/year (at public universities)
  • Yearly administration fee: 100 – 200 EUR/year
  • Overall living costs: 700 – 1.100 EUR/month.

Costs include accommodation, food bills, social activities, and public transportation.

4. France – learn in an iconic international destination

France is a study abroad destination preferred especially by students that are in love with the French culture. With numerous higher education institutions, present in over forty cities, France is an affordable country to pursue a Master’s degree abroad.

  • Average tuition fees in France: 200 – 300 EUR/year
  • Overall living costs: 700 – 950 EUR/month

Expenditures include housing, food, local visits and entertainment, and transportation. PhDs in Engineering or Medicine charge a little higher, between 450 and 600 EUR / year.

Some universities you can apply to in France right now via Studyportals are:

  • PSB Paris School of Business
  • IESA – School of Arts and Culture
  • Strate School of Design

5. Lithuania – a rich education offer, with friendly living costs

Home to over fifteen higher educational institutions that also provide a significant number of English-taught Master’s programmes, Lithuania is a less known European country, that welcomes over 3.000 international students yearly.

Universities in Lithuania focus on both the theoretical and the practical side of teaching and offer students the possibility to engage in educational, professional, or scientific/practical work.

  • Average tuition fees in Lithuania: 1.500 – 3.000 EUR/year (at public universities)
  • Overall living costs: 120 – 200 EUR/month

Costs of living anywhere in Lithuania are some of the lowest in Europe. The mentioned expenditures include accommodation, groceries, social activities, and public transportation.

6. Hungary – a beautiful Eastern European country, that’s also affordable

Covering a wide range of study options, relative low costs of living, and a bustling cultural life, in Hungary, students can receive a high-standard academic education.

  • Average tuition fees in Hungary: 1.000 – 3.000 EUR/year (at local universities)
  • Overall living costs: 350 – 500 EUR/month, that include housing, food, travelling, entertainment, and social activities

Hungary has five global ranked universities, which is quite a lot for a small European country, that is also less popular in terms of international studies.

7. Portugal – low-cost tuition and amazing views 

Portugal has 5 universities in the world top rankings, a strong presence for a relatively small country. Portuguese universities have a long-lasting tradition of research and higher education, alongside being an attractive destination for international students.

  • Average tuition fees in Portugal: 1.000 – 1.500 EUR/year, Master’s degrees being actually cheaper than Bachelor’s
  • Overall living costs: 500 – 750 EUR/month, including accommodation, food, and leisure

Studying abroad in Europe doesn’t have to be expensive!

Studying abroad doesn’t have to be a burden on your budget, sometimes being a more affordable alternative to studying in your hometown. Whether you’re worried about tuition fees or the living costs, there are some countries where you can find an affordable study experience while also getting a great education.  You can use numbeo to compare living costs in any country in Europe and beyond.

So crunch the numbers and expand your search!


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